- Joseph Pilates

"After 10 sessions you will feel a difference. After 20 sessions you will see a difference. After 30 sessions you will have a whole new body."

Pilates Mat

We explore the Pilates technique using classical and contemporary methods, applying modifications and incorporating variations.

Pilates Building Blocks

Sundays @ 10 am
March 6 - 27, 2022

Learn the exercises that form the foundations of Contrology - movements that integrate mind and body to breath while building a wholistic sense of centering, strength, and connection.

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Other mat classes:

Morning Glory Glow & Flow - an early morning class that gently wakes our body up and gets our muscles warm, breath flowing, and muscles activated

After Work-It-Out - an evening class that decompresses the mind and body then reinvigorates it with full breaths, an upbeat pace, and a challenge before you retire

Pilates Mat w/Props

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We are able to intensify our workout by incorporating small props. This is an exhilarating class!

The minimum prop required is a 36" x 6" foam roller.  Other props used are:

  • Pilates/magic circle

  • 1 - 8 lbs weights

*If you need props we will source and ship them to you. Please inquire

Chocolat Pilates
*Group fitness, requires at least 3 registrants.
*Available as a workshop or boot camp only.


A fun and innovative way to get and stay fit with your friends! A combination of Cardio, Pilates, and Stretching provide a well-rounded workout. No equipment is needed, but you may want to use a yoga mat for the Pilates portion of the class and/or incorporate weights into your workout. This class is low impact and offers modifications. Shoes on or off.

Other services

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Orientation - no cost.

This is 5-10 minutes to ask questions about anything via zoom.


Virtual Consultation - $10, 15 minutes.

This is an opportunity to focus on exercises that you have technique questions about or would like personalized guidance on.


Virtual Private Mat Lesson - $20, 30 minutes; $30, 45 minutes.

This is your time to get a personalized workout. Learn modifications for your body or variations to intensify your practice.

In-person Private Mat Session - $30, 30 minutes; $45, 50 minutes

In-person Private Reformer - $45, 30 minutes; $80, 50 minutes